Can’t Get Enough: More About Katey

Hi! I’m Katey.

I shake when I speak in public.

I clap too often and too loudly at speeches.

I am taller than I seem from my pictures.

I eat a lot of dark chocolate Moose Munch popcorn and drink my coffee black with one ice cube. Tea with honey, no cream.

I will never have enough bookcases or gel pens.

Someone could make a full-time job of tracking down the places I leave cups and forget about them.

I write children’s picture and chapter books – and I am represented by the incredible Essie White of Storm Literary Agency. Essie is such a source of support for me in this journey! I’m blessed to have her on my side!

My debut picture book GRANDMOTHER THORN is scheduled to release August 29, 2017 from Ripple Grove Press. The attention to detail and artistic integrity Ripple Grove brings to all their books just blows me away – I am so proud to be working with them!

My next picture book, MAGNOLIA MUDD AND THE SUPER JUMPTASTIC LAUNCHER DELUXE is coming January 2, 2018 from Sterling. I adore working with editor Christina Pulles on this book. I cannot wait for you all to see the illustrations! Check Katey’s Books for news and updates about this exciting project!!

I’m a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (AKA SCBWI. OMG!) and a participant of several critique groups that, if I’m totally honest, keep me from quitting the writing game on a fairly regular basis.

I have loved writing stories and poetry from a very young age, and I was an avid reader from the time I could sound out words on road signs. In high school, I was admitted to a magnet school that focused on teaching advanced levels of math and science, and I excelled there.

And I fell in love with physics.

And biology.

I’m such a geek!

I was driven by success, by ambition and by a fascination with moving parts attached to beating hearts to pursue degrees in kinesiology and physical therapy, despite my love of the arts. I never thought of “the artsy part” of me as something that could be anything more than a fun hobby.

I did help a group of friends launch & publish a literary journal while in undergrad. We named it The Promethean. (We were fairly pompous.) I was a poetry editor. And the only editor who practically lived on the Health Sciences campus.

I got out of school (got married) and began working in brain injury rehabilitation. It was complicated and messy and hard and fascinating and wonderful!

After a 10+ year career as a physical therapist – years that were incredibly fulfilling and exciting – I gave birth to my 3rd daughter. I realized that I couldn’t keep working full time at a job that was emotionally and physically taxing while giving my family the kind of love, attention and energy I felt they deserved. As hard as it was to leave my coworkers and clients (some of whom I’d been treating for many years!) I became a stay at home mom.

My littlest is now 7, and I have been grateful for (almost) every moment I’ve had at home with my girls. They have been years filled with hilarity and growth and learning for all of us. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to spend this time with them.

But the time away from my busy, high pressure job also gave me a space to think about my career choices, and about the part of me I wasn’t giving a chance.

I wanted – even needed – to give that part a turn to run the show. So I decided to write. For myself, for my kids…for reals. I leapt into the world of children’s books like Alice falling down the rabbit hole to Wonderland.

We’re all mad here. Myself included. But the tea is excellent. I plan on staying for a long, long time.